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Read Recent Reviews Regarding Our Landscaping Rock and Ponds From Our Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks Customers

  • My husband & I stopped by Saturday and found some pumice stones we were there probably 1.5 hrs this place has so much I keep changing my mind on what we needed. This place is so well organized and everything is in it's place so wherever you go you c... Read More
  • This place is amazing, worth the drive. You can pick each Rock by hand if you want. They have rocks that are 20 cents a pound or rocks that are 20 times that. Great selection, always changing. Only thing I think they could do better is the layout.
  • Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks. And when that happens, go to Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks to find tons of truly beautiful ones. Check out the 50%off Bin. Be prepared for friendly service to help you get those heavy beauties to the scales and... Read More
  • I have been buying Rocks from Tampa Bay Ponds for close to 20 years. As a Landscape Design Company, I need to have somewhere that carries a good variety of materials, Will help me find items when I have a client that wants a special item. Deliverie... Read More
  • Very friendly family run business! We will be returning to purchase more as we progress with our pool getting finished. Five stars all around!

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