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Pond Pumps & Filters

Pond Pumps and Filters in Dunedin, FL, Clearwater, FL Palm Harbor, FL and Surrounding Areas

Pond Pumps

Pumps are needed to push water in a feature and continually provide circulation in a pond. We offer a large variety of submersible pond & fountain pumps for everything ranging from small tabletop fountains or aquariums all the way to Large pumps for commercial water features.

Aquajet Pond Pumps
PL and PN Series Pumps
Fountain Pumps
Cleanout Pump and Hose
Pond Powerhead
EcoWave Pumps
Ultra Pumps
Adi Smart Control Gen
Smart Control Hub
Smart Control Receiver Large
Smart Control Plug
Smart Control Receiver


There are two forms of filtration critical to maintaining a healthy ecosystem pond: mechanical and biological. Through mechanical and biological filtration, ecosystem ponds will process fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves, and runoff from lawns.

Pondmax Filters
UltraKlean Biological Pond Filter
Add-On Pond FIlters
Container Water Garden Filter

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