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Washed Shell

Washed Shell is the idyllic way to enhance your driveway, walkway, garden, and patio to create the perfect Florida Look

 Do you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your front yard landscaping? Most homeowners in Dunedin, FL, and the surrounding areas use grass. But there are alternatives that can add a look that embodies the beach and requires much less care to maintain, including washed shell. Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks carries a wide selection of the best pond and landscaping supplies. We’re a family-owned and operated company with an awesome store of extensive inventory and creative displays.

Washed Shell Pricing 

Shell Special $73.99 per Yard + Free Delivery

Shell Special For The Purchase of Each Full Truck load of 28 yards. Restrictions apply.

Regular Shell Pricing $86.90/ cubic yard


Learn More About Washed Shell

If you want to transform the look of your walkway, driveway, garden or patio, consider washed shell. This unique piece of landscaping is perfect for homeowners in Dunedin, FL, and the surrounding areas because it’s a natural element of the beach. Many homeowners use washed shell to pave pathways into their gardens and along their driveways.

Washed shell doesn’t only provide visually aesthetic benefits, though. It also acts as an additive, supplying calcium to the surrounding soil as it decays. What’s more, you can use it as groundcover around your garden by forming a protective layer over the soil. By doing so, you can prevent weed growth and the soil from losing too much moisture.

Is Washed Shell Right for Your Florida Property?

One of the only issues that homeowners have with crushed shell is it can emit a decaying odor. Odors caused by remaining bits of shell fish within the shells that decay are easily preventable. All you have to do is purchase washed shell instead. As its name suggests, washed shell has been washed to remove decaying materials and odors.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use washed shell in gardens where you’ve planted acid-loving plants like Azaleas, Caladiums, Gardenias or Ixoras. Washed shell raises the soil’s PH and stops nutrients, making your plants look iron-deficient and pale. You also shouldn’t use washed shell under trees that drop a lot of leaves. That’s because it’ll be more challenging to rake or blow the leaves without removing the washed shell, too.

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Do you want personalized attention and excellent customer service? Visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today. We carry a high-quality supply of washed shell sized from 0.75 to 1.5 inches sold by the cubic yard, half yard or 30-pound bag at a good price. The more you purchase, the lower the cost. We aim for complete customer satisfaction, and you can trust us to be honest, responsible and friendly the moment you walk into our store.

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