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Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles for Landscaping Including Matte, Resin, or Polished Pebbles

Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks has a large variety of Mexican Beach Pebbles available. We sell Matte Mexican Beach Pebbles and Resin or Polished Mexican Pebbles. We carry different colors to suit any preference, including black, red, yellow, cream, white and mixed varieties. Mexican Pebbles are sold by the bag or in bulk by the pound for larger landscaping projects. Mexican Beach Pebbles are naturally tumbled in their beach environment to create smooth, beautiful pebbles. They are perfect for decorative landscaping projects as a substitute for mulch along walkways or in gardens, planters, water features. They can be used in indoor or outdoor designs. Mexican Beach Pebbles are a beautiful addition to any landscaping project.

Hand-picked and naturally smooth and rounded, these pebbles are indigenous to Mexico’s beaches and river rocks where their natural colors and sizes work ideally in landscaping environments. The hundreds of years where the impact of the ocean waves has battered these pebbles create a smooth texture for different gardening and landscaping purposes. Their constant collisions with each other from abrasive rubbing produce the roundness and smooth surfaces, giving them this unique attribute.

Tampa Bay Pond & Rocks specializes in this very decorative and natural stone for outdoor and indoor landscaping to soften the overall look and design, bringing nature to your environment. These are not suited for fire pits, as high temperatures can cause these Mexican pebbles to ignite and spark. We recommend our lava rocks for such use.

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