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Using landscaping rocks has become an integral part of creating an attractive garden in your home, and a serene and beautiful pond has become quintessential. A pond is sure to add to the charm and beauty of your landscaping project. An indispensable addition to your pond’s landscape is rocks. You can use stones effectively around your pond to spruce up its look by carefully analyzing the surrounding area and choosing the right variety.

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Wide Selection of Landscaping Rocks, Gravel and Stones

Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks sells all kinds of stones. We have natural and artificial stones for sale, which come in any shape, color, shape, density or texture you desire.

Natural Rocks, Gravel and Stones

Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks also offers natural rocks found in different shapes and sizes depending upon the diverse natural forces encountered by them. Natural rocks and boulders can effectively be layered on top of each other to create a beautiful waterfall. A waterfall is a perfect addition to your pond or backyard for a calm and relaxing view. The proper focus of lights on your waterfall will further enhance its beauty.

Pond rocks and boulders are also used to decorate the pond liner to define the shape of your pond further. These large pieces of rock can be fixed to the pond’s side for a natural effect that compliments the beauty of your pond. These rock pieces can be effectively used to showcase a particular plant in your garden. Simply place the natural rocks or boulders behind the plant that you want to showcase. The natural beauty of the plant will be accentuated by the presence of a large boulder in the background.

Cover or Fake Landscape Rocks

The fake rock covers for sale at Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks are exceptionally genuine looking! They are a superb way to conceal water pumps, filters, UV lights, air compressors, electrical boxes and other unsightly items in your landscaping projects. Cover rocks come with a screened aeration hole that allows fresh air in and prevents the buildup of heat. Our fake cover rocks are available in slate grey, sandstone and fieldstone colors.

These lightweight rocks, made out of hard plastic with structural foam underneath, can easily be moved but are strong enough to stand on. The rocks are heavy enough not to be blown away by strong winds. Eye-catching garden settings can be created using these decorative fake rocks.

Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks offers high-quality landscaping supplies like natural boulders, river rocks, pebbles, crushed shells, mulch and more. We constantly strive to provide our customers with a diverse selection of pond accessories and services so that their varied needs can be fulfilled. Our gamut of product and services includes pond kits, pond filters, aquatic plants, substrate material, waterfalls and much more!

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