Using pebbles in your landscaping can make your garden in Holiday, FL, look more visually appealing. You can use pebbles to fill an empty space and give it character. Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, the possibles of what you can do with pebbles are limitless. Here are five creative ways to use pebbles in your landscaping:

Ground Cover

Do you have an eroding pathway or part of the lawn you don’t like? You can add pebbles to cover the area for an instant facelift. If the area has foot traffic, use 20-30mm pebbles with 50-70mm depth of coverage for best results.


Drains and grates can negatively impact the look of your garden. As easy way to cover them and add color is to cover them with pebbles. Not only will they add aesthetic appeal, but they will also retain the garden’s drainage capabilities.

Garden Mulch

You can use pebbles as mulch in garden beds. Pebbles can protect the soil from sunlight, erosion and weeds, and they can last a lifetime. Pebble mulch works best for native and arid gardens where you don’t need composted organics.

Multi-Textured Pathway

If you drive around Holiday, FL, you’ll notice pebbles used in a lot of the pathways leading to the front door or backyard of the property. That’s because they’re great at complementing stepping stones. Use contrasting colors for added beauty. You can also mix pebbles with other stones on the pathway for more texture and movement.

Yard Art

Do you want to include your kids in on the fun? Use pebbles of different colors to create yard art. Leave the creativity to your kids, and they will surely enhance your garden with their own personal touch of imagination.

No matter the shape, size or color of pebble you need, rest assured Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks has what you need. Visit our store today to choose from a wide selection of pebbles for your next landscaping project.

Image provided by flickr

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