Does your backyard look more like a barren desert than a tropical paradise? Green is a much more pleasant color to look at than brown. It symbolizes the natural world and represents balance and harmony. If you want to transform your boring backyard in New Port Richey, FL, into a space of tranquility, take these steps to create a tropical garden landscape:

Install a Pond

Water is the essence of life; that’s why visiting the beach is so relaxing. The sunshine and the sound of the waves combine to help subside your worries. By installing a pond in your backyard, you’ll take your first step to creating that same relaxing atmosphere within a few feet of your bed. Do-it-yourself pond kits are easy to install.

Fill It With Aquatic Plants, Goldfish and Koi

The next step to transforming your boring backyard into a tropical garden paradise is to fill your new pond with aquatic plants and fish. You can choose everything from water lilies and shallow water plants to submersible and island plants. No matter your style and color preferences, there are plenty of plants that will match them.

Filling your new pond with fish won’t only make it look better. Pond fish also reduce unwanted algae and mosquitoes around the pond. Make sure you ask us about which fish would be best suitable for your pond.

Surround It With Plants, Water Features and Lights

It’s hard to replicate the sound of ocean waves; many smartphone apps try. Surrounding your pond with beautiful plants, water features and lights will put the finishing touch on creating a tropical garden landscape in your backyard. One of the best water features is a water fountain. Not only does it look good, but it also sounds soothing.

With the cooler but comfortable outdoor temperatures, spring is the perfect time to create your tropical garden landscape. Visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks for additional tips and the best selection of pond supplies in the area.

Image provided by flickr

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