Landscaping rocks can add aesthetic appeal to your property and also have practical purposes. You can use them creatively or add them to prevent weeds. The size, type and color of the landscaping rocks you use will depend on your specific project. Read on to learn how to use landscaping rocks to enhance the look of the area around your Dunedin, FL, home.

Use Landscaping Rocks to Replace Mulch

Homeowners often use mulch to prevent weeds or help plants retain moisture. You can also use it to accentuate striking features like bushes or trees. The unfortunate thing is that you have to replace mulch every year. If you use small pebbles or medium rocks instead, you can achieve the same effect without replacing them.

Create a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are famous in Japan, and they allow you to tap into your creativity while highlighting the plant beds in the backyard. Your rock garden’s size, shape and design will depend on your preferences and your backyard’s layout. Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks can help you brainstorm ideas and inform you of the different rocks we carry.

Build a Border Around Your Backyard Pond

If you have a backyard pond or plan on getting one, consider using landscaping rocks to build a border around it. You can use low rock walls as decorative borders for backyard ponds. This also works for borders around flower beds.

Lay a Path of Stepping Stones

Many homeowners in Florida have areas on their lawn where water collects after a severe storm and the grass doesn’t soak it up. Using large and square stones to create a continuous path can be both attractive and practical.

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to fruition that uses landscaping rocks? Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks has all the supplies and expertise you need to get started on making your dream a reality. Visit our store or contact us today.

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