You can heighten the beauty of having a scenic landscape pond in Dunedin, FL, with the right outdoor lighting. Whether you like coming home from work to a relaxing environment or want a cool setting for nighttime parties, a lighted garden and pond will add the elegance and beauty you desire. Learn more about the proper pond lighting to choose for your home.

Use Lighting for Day and Night

Set a magical ambiance for your friends as well as your family to enjoy with low-hassle LED lighting. This will allow you to enjoy your pond area both night and day.

Add Fountain and Waterfall Lights

A 1-watt bullet light adds a bit of drama to every outdoor feature. Even better, a 3-watt light may be ideal for that waterfall. Within the pond, you can add a light to enjoy the swimming fish or koi as darkness falls.

Consider Materials

Composite and ceramic fixtures are more affordable but fail more often. Stainless steel and brass don’t corrode; brass is the most durable for immersion. Place lights under the water where the constant submersion makes them last longer.

Safety, Timers and More

Low voltage submersible pond lights give sparkle to your pond at night; you’ll want to consider the placement, safety of the fish, longevity and lighting effect. Lights can present warmth and are inviting while providing security and a unique ambiance. Moreover, they can be set on a timer or switch, sending your fish to bed when the family goes to sleep.

Contact us or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks. We carry supplies and outdoor water features. You’ll discover a variety of enhancements for your water features, including the right lighting to make a pond come alive at night with magic.

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