The pump in your backyard pond is the heart of it. The filter is much like its liver. Both work to ensure your pond is clean and clear and healthy for any fish living it. To ensure your pond pump and filter are in good condition, you must perform seasonal maintenance. Now’s a good time to do so in Dunedin, FL, as the seasons change.

Pond Pump Maintenance

Your pond’s pump should circulate all of its water within an hour. Debris in the skimmer can restrict water flowing through the pump. That’s why it’s important to maintain your pump. Doing so will keep it clean.

Before performing pump pond maintenance, turn the system off. Next:

  • Remove the pump from the pond and remove its outer cage.
  • Take a photo of where parts go to ensure you put together the pump correctly.
  • Don’t tamper with anti-tamper screws.
  • Check for pump damage or excessive wear.
  • Clean with water to remove silt, sediment, algae or other debris.
  • Check for limescale (if you notice it, soak in a limescale remover).
  • Put the pond pump together and wash your hands.

Pond Filter Maintenance

Much like the pump, the pond’s filter should match its size. Most pond filters are based on ideal conditions. Your filter will be less effective if you exceed them. You should always up-size your filter. As a result, it’ll handle more of your pond’s capacity. Also, remember to clean it according to its instructions. Most commonly, you should:

  • Remove everything in the filter.
  • Clean the harder parts with a power washer.
  • Clear any debris from the bottom.
  • Take the filter apart.
  • Wash the media with a hose using the pond’s water.
  • Put the filter back together.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your pond filter or pump, contact or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today. We carry a wide selection of backyard garden pond supplies and have a team of professionals who are experts.

Image provided by flickr

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