A backyard pond is one of the most popular landscaping additions that Dunedin, FL, homeowners choose to install. Whether you’ll be retiring soon and want an inviting place to spend your time or you simply want to enjoy your yard, a pond is a great choice. Follow these three steps to creating the most beautiful backyard pond you can imagine this spring:

Select the Right Location

The best place to put a backyard pond is an area that gets sunshine in the morning and shade in the afternoon. This arrangement discourages algal blooms. Putting a pond under a tree means lots of debris to clean. Roots could interfere with the liner. City code may require the pond to be a certain distance away from structures. Be sure to have utility lines located and marked before digging. You can dig the pond yourself or hire someone to do it.

Choose a Pond Liner

The most popular liner is 45-mm EPDM. It’s UV-resistant, durable and flexible. It comes in rolls of 50 to 200 feet. Be sure to use pond EPDM, as roofing EPDM has an additive that’s toxic to fish.

Install a Pump, Agitator and Filter

Ponds require a pump for air and a filter to remove muck, waste and bacteria. The pump and agitator will require a covered GFCI outlet on the exterior of your home. Choose a pump with a fast enough flow rate to filter your pond’s water at least once per hour. For larger ponds, choose a direct drive pump and agitator. For filtration, biological and mechanical devices should be used simultaneously for debris removal and waste processing.

Backyard ponds attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife. You’ll be able to watch the activity and relax in a pretty landscape. These simple steps to creating a beautiful backyard pond will add value to your property and help you make the most of your yard. For more information about creating a backyard pond, contact or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today.

Image provided by flickr

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