A backyard water feature, such as a pond, is a beautiful addition to your Dunedin, FL, area home. The relaxing sound of the bubbling water and the occasional visits of birds, butterflies and other animals makes watching the pond a relaxing and enjoyable experience. To make the most of your property’s water feature, follow these tips for maintaining a clean backyard pond:

Clean or Replace the Filter

Clean your pond’s filter and pump once every month. Consider a skimmer filter, which will aid with the removal of debris and waste from the pond. Check the water’s pH and nitrate levels weekly.

Use a Net to Remove Debris

Once every week, use a net to remove debris from the pond. Leaves, pollen and lawn clippings can get into the water. Keep nearby plants trimmed, and make sure they’re healthy. This will reduce leaf and weed debris in the pond. Consider getting fish that eat different types of food. Fish that eat plant debris will help with maintaining a clean backyard pond.

Provide Plenty of Shade

Summers in Dunedin are long, hot and sunny. These conditions will quickly drop the water level of your pond. Provide as much shade as possible for your pond. Too much sunlight causes a proliferation of algae and hastens the growth of bacteria. Keeping direct sunlight off the water also helps with temperature moderation. Water lettuce, water hyacinth and lilies will help keep your pond water cool.

Spending time relaxing by your clean backyard pond is one of the simplest ways to enjoy your own home. Whether you take your breakfast or dinner outdoors to enjoy the view, or you go out there to meditate or read a book, you’ll love the peaceful, calming vibe of a pristine water feature in your own yard. For more tips on maintaining a clean backyard pond through the summer, contact or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today.

Image provided by flickr

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