The pond in your yard has provided unmatched peace and tranquility while you’ve made memories with your friends and family all summer. Even though the temperatures in Largo, FL, won’t become bitterly cold, the change in weather still creates the need for a different type of care for your backyard pond. Here are some pond care tips to keep in mind to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy water garden for years to come.

Proper Fish Care

Fish are very inactive during the winter months as they enter a time referred to as “rest mode.” Because of this yearly rest, you’ll need to change your feeding habits when caring for the fish in your pond. Continuing to put high-protein fish food in the water when your fish aren’t as active will only create a higher level of algae when springtime comes back around, bringing along its own set of problems.

Water Cycling

The pond supplies you use during the summer are equally as important during winter months. When you dip out excess debris and vacuum the bottom of the pond, you’ll stir up a lot of contaminants in the water. Take this opportunity to replace roughly 50% of the water in the pond before repeating the process a day or two later.

Know Your Fish

Different types of fish require different types of care during the winter months. Koi and gold fish require a completely different type of care than more tropical species. Be mindful of what type of fish live in your pond and plan accordingly.

Whether you’re in the market for pond care supplies, fish, decorations or something else, we’re your local pond experts. Contact or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today to get professional pond advice and more. We’re here to help you beautify your backyard.

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