With the holiday season upon us, you’ll start planning how to decorate your house inside and out. If you’re hosting the holiday meals this year and have a backyard pond, you’re in a great position to impress and showcase your festive spirit. Decorating a backyard pond and the surrounding garden for the holidays is not only fun and but will also enhance its look. Read on to learn how to decorate your backyard pond and garden in Holiday, FL, for the holidays.

Floating Water Features

Your backyard pond can become a winter wonderland with a few changes before the holiday season starts, even in Florida. If you have a massive pond, you can add a floating Santa or snowman to it. If your pond is on the small side, consider adding smaller lighting that don’t overshadow its natural beauty. Let your imagination run wild!

Green and Red Garden Lights

Lighting is the easiest way to decorate your backyard pond and garden, and what better way than red and green lights. You can add submersible or floating lights to the pond if you want the lights to steal the show or use spotlights around it to highlight a specific feature like a floating snowman. The possibilities are endless!

Fake Snow and Ice

Homeowners in Holiday, FL, rarely see ice let alone snow. But don’t allow that to deter you from experiencing the holiday season like other people around the country without the freezing conditions. If you have landscape rocks in your garden, you can decorate them to look like snow has covered them. It’s as easy as cotton balls or fake snow spray. You can use a machine to add fake snow around your garden, too.

Keeping your backyard pond in good shape through the holiday season is vital. With our products and services, you’ll make sure that happens. Contact or visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks for more ideas about how to decorate your backyard pond. We carry a wide range of products that can help.

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