A pond is a magnificent water feature that can breathe life into your backyard in many ways. The fish and plants that inhabit and surround your pond add aesthetic appeal, transforming your gloomy garden into a pleasurable paradise. But to maintain a beautiful backyard pond, you must ensure its water is sparkling clean. Read on to learn what causes brown pond water in Dunedin, Florida, and what to do to resolve and prevent it.

Tannins Cause Tea-Colored Water

A tannin is a type of compound found in plants. Have you bitten into an unripe pear and it tasted bitter? You can thank tannins for that unappetizing snack. But when their astringency and bitterness are managed precisely, tannins can make other foods and drinks, like wine, dark chocolate, coffee and tea, more pleasant to consume.

So, what do tannins have to do with your pond water? Plants have tannins to manage their growth, deter predators and stop animals from eating their seeds or fruit before they’re ripe. While tannins are useful in nature, they can turn your beautiful backyard garden into a tea-colored stew when plants decompose. If you leave leaves or pine needles around your pond, they’ll eventually produce tannins that tarnish the water.

Sediment Causes Murky Water

If you haven’t cleaned your backyard pond water recently, it likely contains a lot of sediment at the bottom. The fish in your pond or wind can disrupt the dormant sediment, causing the water to look murky and brown. Maintaining clean pond water is key to preserving its pristine and pleasant appearance in your garden, and we can help.

How to Clean and Prevent Brown Pond Water

The first step is to clean the bottom of your backyard pond, removing leaves and other debris with either a pond vacuum or a skimmer net. Next, drain about a quarter of the old pond water and replace it with fresh water. Remember to treat the pond water if you have koi, goldish or aquatic plants. You can use beneficial bacteria to eliminate accumulated organic debris and use activated carbon in the pond filter to absorb the tannins. If you have a broken pond liner, replace it. Taking these steps will clean and clear the pond water.

Does your backyard pond look more like a mud bath than a glistening water feature? Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks can help you bring it back to life. Contact our team or visit our store in Dunedin, FL, to learn more about how to care for your backyard pond.

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