Are you a homeowner around New Port Richey, FL, who has a backyard pond? One issue that can concern you is decreasing water levels because it can indicate your pond has a leak. While that might be true, there are other possible reasons your pond is losing water. Read on to learn why your pond is losing water and what to do to fix the problem.


Florida is hot, which causes water to evaporate at a faster rate than in other areas of the country. As such, the heat will also cause the water in your pond to evaporate, especially if it sits in direct sunlight. This is normal, and fortunately, Florida’s summer storms with heavy rainfalls naturally replenish evaporated water in ponds.

Pond Plants

Plants can also consume the water in your backyard pond and make it appear that it’s draining. Aquatic pond plants like lilies consume a large quantity of water. But terrestrial plants, like weeping willow trees, also impact water levels in a pond if their foliage hangs into it. To avoid this, trim back plants that surround the pond. Some pond plants even help to reduce water loss. They can provide shade to reduce the evaporation rate. We can help you find and select these plants.

Pump or Filter Leak

Leaks are the least common cause of water loss in backyard ponds. But if you do have a leak, it’s vital to find and fix it right away. You should inspect your pond periodically for leaks so that you catch them as soon as possible.

Check all the fastenings on the filter pipework and pond pump. These are sometimes made of brittle plastic that degrades as it ages, causing it to crack or split and create a leak. Also, inspect the filter in your filtration system, which can clog. If you’re unsure about how to clean or replace it, speak to one of our friendly professionals.

Do you need to replace a broken part in your pond? Perhaps you’d like to add some plants that shade your pond. For all your pond advice and supplies, visit Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks today.

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